Form of government for a better society

Every human society is unique in its form and traditions . The norms and values of a society are derived from some customs of the past and religion also plays a dominant role in the building of a culture.

But somehow every time there is a group or a community or an individual willing to change thier own society or wishing for it . Some groups denying to accept the rules and regulations set forth by thier forefathers are considered as moderates.

Is it possible to change a society within few decades and through a democratic government?  Does it take  100 years or monarchy or dictatorship to change a society and reformed it into a new one?

Human beings are reluctant to change themselves on their own by default, even it is the change of habits. Within a democratic frame work the laws can be implemented but the laws are generally made by the leaders and they can not implement any thing out of the box and something radical.

How can we bring a change in a society within democratic form of government? Do we always need monarchy or dictatorship to bring an overnight revolution in a social system ? or shall we stick to democratic form and keep on reforming within the system. Dictatorship  or one party system , however , still is prevailing as form of government in many countries but it is generally not accepted as a legitimate form of government, not admissible to modern concept of human freedom.

Which form of governance is best for human race is a subject under discussion since centuries , social reforms are being equally considered as of utmost importance for various societies in the present world . The societies , those consider themselves as first world and civilized , also the subjects of those societies enjoying certain social security benefits , are always willing to bring social reforms in the under privileged, third world societies . hundreds of millions of money is being spent for social reforms in third world countries . They have a firm belief that their charity money and their concerns shall bring moderation to other societies and the day will come when world will become the part of heaven . They also believe that implementation of certain philosophy in the lives of third world people will bring a social revolution. Is it possible ?

Written by: Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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