Distraction- A lot to write about !

maqbool ahmed mirzaDistraction , i have tried to write about it many times but i felt I am distracted .There are reasons to get distracted which are often more important then writing about the distraction .If i start writing the reasons for distraction ,those will be considered by myself as useless reasons but even if they are avoidable at times and often i don’t or we don’t avoid.
Some one wants to talk to you and he often calls for something that you never have done and you can never do that but if you will ignore the call  ,he or she will might think that you are trying to prove your busy schedule .Out of this courtesy or under the fear of being rude to some one, you take that call. Accepting the call does not mean that the conversation once ended will not leave any impression on the mind which could be either positive or negative as well. The positivity of the impression is rare and it could be positive if the willingness of taking the call is not only the willingness but the excitement as well. Excitement in certain cases is another reason of distraction .
One single word of that phone call makes you recall the memory of some event or some happenings attached to that word that may make you call some one else who was part of that memory or at least , you may need some time to think of that event or that person that may make you sad .

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