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FreedomFreedom: Freedom , what a word to talk about, dangerous to think and express about and shocking to imagine its extremes and unforeseen boundaries for the thoughts and actions of human beings .No matter what you are , where you are , who you are the freedom we always think about once or many time in our lives at different ages and on different occasions.In general, the freedom of expression is most popular phrase of modern society and it encircles almost all areas of human interests .It talks about freedom either the lacking of freedom in a particular society or excessive freedom in the other .people write about it ,frustrate about it, think about it , debate about it, even are scared to demand and even are scared to it availability .They even demand the freedom and at the same time are scared to have it , they want it but could not actually comprehend how they will use it , they want to snatch it from those who held their freedom but they don’t know what they will do after having it and what good or bad it may cause to them .Some want the wise among them to decide the limits of of freedom and make it a law of their land , some does not want to observe any limit on their freedom and they want themselves to be master of their own live. Freedom of choice ,freedom to move , freedom to live , freedom to wear, freedom to learn , freedom to express , freedom to believe or not believe, freedom to love , freedom to travel, freedom to debate and contradict with every tradition ,set by their forefathers.

Maqbool Mirza

time goes on

the time changes ,  every sun is new sun’  its just our eyes to see the new sun  we have this night  and don’t know what the new sun beholding for us  life goes on  time never cares for us to have great morning or not  it passes  so its we only  its you only […]

Maqbool Mirza

I have nothing new

walking through the bridges , high rise sky scrapers , between the roads, listening to loud voices , where all we hear , nothing we listen too. All the many windows and all with blasted glass all we know what inside ,all we knows what goes behind the curtain , nothing new ,nothing unseen,the same […]

Maqbool Mirza

the next station

The-next-stationIt was train , metro they call it,and the computer was announcing the names and the next station is? and it goes on till it reaches to place where people are living with their desires and wishes , with their dreams and passions with the hopes in eyes ,with the love in their souls with the needs of living , some of them thinks the day is the life and the past has gone ,future will come and we ll see what to do , some of them do not think at all they think that thinking makes them sad as in the end its the same sky ,endless thoughts reaches to an ultimate block , whats now ,all dark and some of them loves to live in darkness of time , not the darkness of life ,who likes the darkness of life and who knows about it. the hope is what we all needed and all of us were hopeful that we ll cross the station and reach some where the destination predefined or undefined, predetermined or undetermined

Maqbool Mirza

Distraction -part 2

Its the new world where the the use of brown papers and ink pen to be used for writing some thing( which may get lost in the junk of wasted material) has been decreased . But there was no other solution in a world of continued digital provision and you can’t make it unavailable for […]

Maqbool Mirza

Distraction- A lot to write about !

Distraction , i have tried to write about it many times but i felt I am distracted .There are reasons to get distracted which are often more important then writing about the distraction .If i start writing the reasons for distraction ,those will be considered by myself as useless reasons but even if they are […]

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