Freedom: Freedom , what a word to talk about, dangerous to think and express about and shocking to imagine its extremes and unforeseen boundaries for the thoughts and actions of human beings .No matter what you are , where you are , who you are the freedom we always think

time goes on

the time changes ,  every sun is new sun’  its just our eyes to see the new sun  we have this night  and don’t know what the new sun beholding for us  life goes on  time never cares for us to have great morning or not  it passes  so its

I have nothing new

walking through the bridges , high rise sky scrapers , between the roads, listening to loud voices , where all we hear , nothing we listen too. All the many windows and all with blasted glass all we know what inside ,all we knows what goes behind the curtain ,

the next station

It was train , metro they call it,and the computer was announcing the names and the next station is? and it goes on till it reaches to place where people are living with their desires and wishes , with their dreams and passions with the hopes in eyes ,with the

Distraction -part 2

Its the new world where the the use of brown papers and ink pen to be used for writing some thing( which may get lost in the junk of wasted material) has been decreased . But there was no other solution in a world of continued digital provision and you

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