English Translation of “Phool Nagar Ki Larki Wo”

maqbool ahmed mirzaMemory of some and dream of some
An exotic evening of love,you tell me and I’ll narrate for you,something like a story.Let’s talk about the colorful weather the art work on your hands and a butterfly.It’s an old story.It’s the same land but we are in different disguise
Do you remember that well of the village and that girl of flowers land…she was crazy and shy…and the wet garden and monsoon …the leaves and flowers in the books…the drunken breathing and long path…even though… It was much easier to say it all…
The late night discussions
And the fireflies in the bushes
Do you remember the stars we have gazed together
Feeble sound we have heard
First monsoon, roof’s top and that same story
For every one

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