FreedomFreedom: Freedom , what a word to talk about, dangerous to think and express about and shocking to imagine its extremes and unforeseen boundaries for the thoughts and actions of human beings .No matter what you are , where you are , who you are the freedom we always think about once or many time in our lives at different ages and on different occasions.In general, the freedom of expression is most popular phrase of modern society and it encircles almost all areas of human interests .It talks about freedom either the lacking of freedom in a particular society or excessive freedom in the other .people write about it ,frustrate about it, think about it , debate about it, even are scared to demand and even are scared to it availability .They even demand the freedom and at the same time are scared to have it , they want it but could not actually comprehend how they will use it , they want to snatch it from those who held their freedom but they don’t know what they will do after having it and what good or bad it may cause to them .Some want the wise among them to decide the limits of of freedom and make it a law of their land , some does not want to observe any limit on their freedom and they want themselves to be master of their own live. Freedom of choice ,freedom to move , freedom to live , freedom to wear, freedom to learn , freedom to express , freedom to believe or not believe, freedom to love , freedom to travel, freedom to debate and contradict with every tradition ,set by their forefathers.
The societies generally do not want to deviate from the deep roots of codes of life , even if they have been developed hundred years , some become very emotional and do not want to accept any radical change in the already settled and agreed upon codes about the extent of their freedom .However the provision to change the laws of land and laws of societies is available in almost every jurisprudence .
Science does not remain under such restrictions and neither the philosophy,also the art and literature generally accept the new forms and new way of expression and let the new thoughts enter in its domain .The era  of  mobile apps have also  given some new meanings to the limits of freedom , however the basic principles of human morality and ethics which are very rightly based on the respect and lawful conduct of the subjects of the society remains intact .
The subject matter of this writing is not determine the new meanings of the word freedom but to learn and understand and open up the debate that , if either the meanings of the  word  freedom are being changed or are in process of changing ,do we have many and different definitions of freedom and still an agreed upon definition is awaited by the mankind .
Do we think that human race was living and was enjoying tremendous freedom some one thousand or two thousand years ago , when the codes of freedom were not in written form and if even written , those were not extensively available to many ,did we earn or have taken more freedom or we have lost the previous one .
There is another aspect of freedom that i feel can not be avoided and it is about the the self, do we deserve freedom ,? can we enjoy the fruits of freedom for the betterment and goodness of self or shall it ruin the existing status of us ??

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