Religion and Marketing

religion-and-marketingBranding through religion :

Brands allover the world like to associate themselves with any event or activity which captures the attention of masses specially of their target audience .The marketing managers look for the opportunity and wait for such happenings so as to get maximum attention for their brand communication and GRP’S  in case of television viewing .In general the major sports events still holds top ranking in terms of the attention of target audiences . However it may varies from society to society and culture to culture .
While talking about this i don’t want to make it a subject of one specific market but the market in general is public and the public demand rules the societies , the problem arises when the events or happening or the celebration of a specific  occasion and the type of celebration becomes controversial and the public opinion divides into different parameters.The whole purpose of an advertiser become vulnerable and his/her dream to get  non controversial blanket coverage could not be fulfilled. It does not  happen in case of  sports event.
Business and specially advertising does not normally or it does not fall in the realm of any religion or sect or it cannot categories the religious or sectarian affiliations of the consumers ,it also does not want to know in general the demographics to such depths of emotions and dogmatism , it needs a customer no matter what , however it is a practice in  general to  observe it part of   media or advertising  ethics to avoid the use of any material which might hurt the sentiments of any religion or sect .
The religion remains an area of deep human sentiments and scared to each one us as of our own faith . However the brand managers generally decides the utilization of their budgets on the basis of public opinion and priorities of their target audience ,if the target audience is stick to one screen of his/her priority programming software , it would be very hard for a media planner to avoid such golden opportunity of capturing the majority . may we say its all about the people , its all about the customer, its all about the market, its all about the public…..

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