How to understand Time ?

How to understand the Time?

We are standing at the river bank, watching the flow of water and counting the moments.   The moments are on the move and the moment in seconds, minutes and hours. The simultaneous flow of water along with the flow of time, tells us the nature of time.

Time is the most precious intangible asset of human beings and they do not own it.  As it goes on, never care for the so called owner, who never owns it. The mysterious and oldest phenomenon aging billions of years and living like a young forever. The birth of time in the arms of space or vice verse can be speculated like a fantasy of timeless heavens.

We say that universe has its beginning, like big bang theory and we say it like we believe it; if we don’t how can we perceive time and its inception. To imagine the fact that universe has started from nowhere and even to trust that it has started from big bang is itself an unbelievable hypothesis rather than a theory.

The beginning of the universe is the biggest question and quest of Philosophy, metaphysics, physics and cosmology and itself it the biggest quest of the human mind.  Questions like first, cause, final cause, energy to create big bang or the source of energy to create universe and all and many such question by and large unanswered.

There is no absolute time, time is infinite and there is no absolute space and space is infinite, we often hear this read this. So we are content? We are not. We have no clear answer to these and many other questions, most of them answered by theologians and religions but not by science and Physics for that matter or by Philosophy and metaphysics.

Before we try to divulge the mysteries of time, let us explore what is time for us? How the time affects our routine life and what is the impact of time on our brief lives? Time is what we have right now, right at the moment, past is gone and future is unknown and is in making. Every single moment we spend is like the weaver making the time to come during the time to live. To live in present is the saint’s perspective of lie and time too. Pass the moment in hand with highest level of consciousness and weave the future, yet to come.  Something we get as part and parcel of life package is time, time unlimited within the life span and limited till it is destined to end.  So for a life and for a life to be lived like an extraordinary manner as an ordinary man, we need to learn the excellent utility of time. However, the sociology, psychology and even the morality and religions tell us a lot, how to live a life? So I shouldn’t be lecturing here about it.

The real discussion of philosophy is to explore the beginning of time and space for that matter as well. Even we cannot say that once upon a time, there was no time and space and it was all created at one point of time. We cannot say this at all. The intensity of the mystery is so high that it did not even give a corner to sit and contemplate.

There are two gigantic and enormous aspects of the universe, one is time and other is space. Space is not the mere gap between stars and galaxies but the matter all the way in the expanding universe. The space measured in distance scattered on all sides and all dimensions moving and expanding trillions of miles. Space filled with matter where it deems appropriate and this whole universe moving on set pattern and this movement of stars and galaxies creating time.
Movement of stars and of all galaxies is changing time and adding years to the calendars of earth.
Do we think the stars and galaxies are moving just to add on new dates in the lives of human being? Or the movement is neutral, independent, perennial and permanent?

This whole scheme of universe is subjugated or automated and the role of the designer at the beginning or the role of presumed designer at present time remains a mystery.

Time is subjective for human beings as it is based on their observation, since we have no option but live within the time. We cannot live beyond or before or after the time.

To be continued …..

Author : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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