War regulations and the human beings.

The people, the countries, the tribes, the nations shall always be fighting, no matter what. The temptation and lust for money and power is so high, that even the God cannot stop the wars across the globe. The root cause of wars is inbuilt in the instinct of human and the nature is culprit for that instinctual induction in humans. The instinct is basic and is of survival, safety and power. So, we can stop wars, no matter what. The lectures and sermons of peace in Security Council and on other forums, seems to be a joke with human psychology.

Sometimes ago , I was of the impression and opinion that religion is the root cause of wars and millions of human beings have died because of religious disputes and differences  in last many centuries . With more understanding of different prevailing religions ,it came to my mind that ,religion has nothing to do with the wars fought among the humans , however labeling religion as primary cause was much more easier then to blame human instinct . Even if all human beings are practicing the same religion and accepting the authority of same God, they shall still be fighting. Now the most important factor, which has been taken care of, in the charter of United Nations is about the laws and rules of wars and avoiding the civilian causalities and ensuring the safety of innocent citizens.  The present era of human behavior evolution, have brought down the wars to streets and have named it terrorism. No religion and no sect, appreciates the killing of innocent people, be it a man, woman or children, since it is terrorism, something beyond the charter of wars, therefore no regulations can be implemented on the act of terrorism and on terrorists .

The only solution is to make people conscious and make them understand and learn and accept that they should not be fighting at all. They should be talking, discussing, negotiating, understanding, compromising and sacrifice for the peace among themselves. More the people will love the art and creativity and more they will learn to know and comprehend the objectives of life, more they will be polite and humble towards the fellow human beings.

When they will not fight, some of them will feel a type of depression and that has to be subsidized through their activity in something productive. Talking to people about peace is easier but getting them peace within them is hardest task.

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