I have nothing new

I-have-nothing-newwalking through the bridges , high rise sky scrapers , between the roads, listening to loud voices , where all we hear , nothing we listen too. All the many windows and all with blasted glass all we know what inside ,all we knows what goes behind the curtain , nothing new ,nothing unseen,the same deals of selling and buying ,emotions sold for a mere paper , where we are what we left we left for what and the price matters. That is why its high … !are you a buyer? do you know the cost of maintaining all this so we need higher price . A  buyer cannot be a friend and what about a friend? a friend can be a buyer .
whats the unique product do you have to offer ? are you the merchant of diamonds? a trader of gold ? that’s not unique its common , look around your eyes may see loads of it .. what else, i have nothing new.

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