the next station

The-next-stationIt was train , metro they call it,and the computer was announcing the names and the next station is? and it goes on till it reaches to place where people are living with their desires and wishes , with their dreams and passions with the hopes in eyes ,with the love in their souls with the needs of living , some of them thinks the day is the life and the past has gone ,future will come and we ll see what to do , some of them do not think at all they think that thinking makes them sad as in the end its the same sky ,endless thoughts reaches to an ultimate block , whats now ,all dark and some of them loves to live in darkness of time , not the darkness of life ,who likes the darkness of life and who knows about it. the hope is what we all needed and all of us were hopeful that we ll cross the station and reach some where the destination predefined or undefined, predetermined or undetermined .We all were just willing to know the destiny and want to make it , lets call it a day ,one of them said ,night is still young , are we reaching to the conclusion ,its to early , darkness does not let the conclusion reaches to the mind … so we might wait for the dawn …. but the work we are bound in time , we all are bound , lets not talk about future ,lets talk about today , about the moment ,either we are happy or we are sad the moment is not going to stay do not let it go , its the computer fixed in the metro no what what it will say , the next station is…..

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