The Desire of love

Turn me into matter …which can be merged into your chemical composition and make me integral part of yourself….i want to be no body…..but i want to be you…..lost in you, merged in you, mixed in you…..seen in you….breath in you…..sleep inside you….if you are a mountain of silver I want to be a rock of silver, melted and become your part.

img-20160111-wa0023.jpgThey ask me about your love and can I not prove it, it’s the purpose of my existence.

I see the love flowing in my blood…your heart beat whispering in my ears and it’s our heart beat

There is pain as part and parcel of love …the pain is unbearable for weaker … love is like an unseen heaven; unimaginably giant…the idea of that Eden is love …. Idea… for me…. I’m living in this idea of heaven….idea of your love

I can feel the flowers the lakes the waterfalls the sea, the islands of gold and mountains of silver, the serenity, the tranquility of love inside my ribs and heart.

written by : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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