The new planet in the galaxy

This is not only a new century and some recent new decades, actually in the last few decades it is entirely a new planet. The all new moralities and values are required to be made to live in this new world.How we were living in the world and we were not those, who were living in this world, we are the one, who have made this new world for the generations to come.

Now, what more, do we need we need to make it a perfect place for the lives of our children. The morality of the previous century/centuries was revolving around the religion and values and culture of the society were getting roots from the religious scholars and scriptures.

The new world is deriving its laws, orders, constitutions, values and even morality from the democratic parliaments and its more of laws of land rather than laws of religion. The people select the norms for them to live with as per their consensus and the people decide what is good and bad for them. The definition of good and bad have been changed drastically and it’s all look like a new planet we are living in now.

Even in the countries like Pakistan, the new laws and regulations are being passed through parliamentary legislation and the democracy fruits are being cultivated. The laws are being made on the basis of popular opinion and the origin of most of the laws and legislations and there initiatives are based on wishes and life style of the public.

Shall we conclude that the democracy, the form of government (which is being considered as most acceptable and most applicable form of government) has been established as unanimously acceptable system?

What the people want and what do they need and their representatives in parliament decide, what is good and bad. If this is true for the nations, then it is a new world.

Author : Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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