The design of the universe and human beings

The knowledge of the universe and knowledge about everything in our surroundings is getting richer, with every passing day. Human beings are exploring some truth; those are actually the truths and facts but unknown and were hidden under the layers of curiosity. Many have been unearthed and many are in the process of unwinding.

There is however, mystery in every aspect of nature, but a great deal of mysteries has been resolved by the science through the identification of natural laws and formulation of theories according to them. The theory of evolution tells us about the beginning of life and its highest formation is the human being. Similarly other theories, like of gravitation and relativity, tells us about the roleof light, impact of mass and energy in the whole scheme of Universe. It has however, resolved many myths of the past and at least the human mind is at peace about many ambiguities, established as facts in previous centuries.

There is a huge disagreement about the Darwin’s theory of evolution and it is being criticized in every manner.  The promoters of this theory, Richard Dawkins and others, have declared human beings as farthest cousins of onions and tomatoes.  It looks funny, to assume this as fact, the time have created us from mere organisms like algae .Unless we have some other theory (scientific theory) about the beginning of human life; we are apparently bound to rely on this or debate about it.

This is not only about the beginning of life and evolution process and natural selection, what is more mysterious is the presence of life only on earth, out of millions of stars and galaxies. The life depends on many factors and many of them are not indigenous factors originated from earth only. The orbiting of earth is itself a great factor to support the existence of life .Even the movement of all other planets in our galaxy and many others in other galaxies have something to do with the movement of earth. The evolution of life on the earth is an important subject of research but the life has all the connectivity with the stars, those are billion of light years away from the earth.

Written by: Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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