How to know the universe through ideas?

We live in the world of definitions and meaning, our knowledge about physics, mathematics and other sciences depends upon our understanding about Formulas, equations and definitions of terminologies. If we want to talk about a star or a body and explore its properties, (scientific properties for that matter), we have to know its mass .To talk about mass means, we should know the scientific connotation of this term and unless we know it ,we cannot use the term mass as the subject matter of our thoughts . As defined the mass is defined as follows: In physics, the property of matter that measures its resistance to acceleration. Roughly, the mass of an object is a measure of the number of atoms in it. The basic unit of measurement for mass is the kilogram. The atoms in a body determine it’s mass.

Mass is a very basic term and if we are not willing to know the meanings and importance of the mass, it would be hard to proceed further, if we want to explore and talk about units, those are celestial bodies in the universe. It means that our thoughts and ideas and quest to know the universe and its maker are highly dependent on the terms and knowledge of science and especially of physics. Does it mean that philosophy has no role anymore and metaphysics is obsolete now and only Higher theoretical and mathematical physics is trying to understand the making of the universe .May we say, that the modern Physics have taken up the domain of philosophy and philosophy is just a mere dying subject discussing, theology and morality .All ideas to understand the universe and its beginning seems to be dependent on Physics and knowing the universe without physics and science is like a dream only.

The beginning of the philosophical tradition is commonly and historically attributed to Greeks, however the Chinese and Indians were also creating buzz about philosophy. The Indian and Chinese philosophers are that popular in the modern world in comparison with the gigantic stature of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, the three most talked about personalities of Philosophy. The question is what early Philosophers were talking about the Universe and its beginning. Not everyone but Aristotle have laid down the foundation of philosophy on the concrete and primary grounds of Physics and mathematics.

The main objective of this discussion is to reconsider the domain of Philosophy and physics and altering the outline of philosophy and adding more physics into it, at least at the level, where Philosophy is discussing Metaphysics.

Written by: Maqbool Ahmed Mirza 

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