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Metaphysics, Happiness and Philosophy

Metaphysics, Happiness and Philosophy The metaphysics is absurd or human mind is not much enlightened as yet. In either of the case, the question of first or final or last cause is still the major question of human curiosity .one may say it’s the question of philosophy or it was.

Apparently the philosophers have shifted their focus from God to the being and they are more concerned about the existence rather than the designer in the late 19th century. Happiness seems to be the major quest and happiness for all is a fashionable jargon.
Those who did not bother to invent or discover the methods of happiness for the mankind are considered pessimists.
I assume those who did not bother to  focus their search for ultimate happiness of mankind were actually very happy people and those who were dying to  decode the secrets of happiness for us ,  were in fact sadist and their personal lives were actually full of traumas and miseries.
I actually have started thinking about the grand shift of philosophers

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peace and passion for life

With the passion we move , with the aggression we try to collect the felicities  and amenities for the future unknown and for the life under continues surveillance  of angels . The journey in the end is for nothing but an ultimate joy and peace . Many who run after ,lesser they know about the […]

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Patience to know, Silence to understand

We may born clever and can be considered smart and maybe shrewd and that we get through some unknown genetic composition , beyond our disposition. The question what teaches us love ,wisdom, feelings , consciousness ,benevolence,pity ad selflessness .Some , if not all is learnt from surroundings and willingness to learn .  What more do […]

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The story of life goes on ….

It is an unended series of happenings and nothing seems to be conclusive . The flow of ideas and learning for us is unprecedented in this age of world becoming a global village . We now , have lots of forums to express and someone , somewhere is reading us , so why not , […]

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Other side of the river

love-me-or-leave-me-in-LondonLove me or leave me in London.

Love me or leave me in London…that’s what I have read on a T-shirt. And love a steaming and uncooked desire stumbling in the veins of human body, taking giant leaps to see across the wall of a destined cage, if there is love on the other side of the borders.
Love that humans may get or desire in any form, in any way in any shape, in any color or complexion for that matter .The love for some moments, the love for an instant and for the period of love an entire life could be given. The entire life to lose to get the precious moment of selfless love like the love of God.
The love as in love of God in London is like dreaming to reach Mars without ticket and covering the 90million and something miles distance  with the speed of light  .Since they say there is no such thing as free lunch and we can replace love with lunch or vice versa
The intensity of this very basic ,instinctive and disguised human need is same in London too , me being naïve to perceive  that it won’t be scarce commodity and will

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Other side of the river

Other side of the riverIt is not acceptable to many that life is same at the other side of the river. If not everyone but most of them wants to try their luck , not necessarily for financial gains or materialistic pleasures , the curiosity could be for knowledge and spiritual experience . If we need to answer this question  in one word that why human beings are travelling since ages across the globe and to many unknown destination , the answer would be curiosity.

Living in Pakistan and thinking to travel for the sake of knowing the secrets of happiness , since it has been assumed that that the western societies are much more wealthier and much more happier and much more civilized,organised, disciplined,independent,liberal and provides social justice to its subjects .

Maqbool Mirza

New ideas for me to write about

new-ideas-for-me-to-write-aboutIn order to polish and improve my skills to be a writer some day and to deliver some thing memorable to the world , I kept on looking for unique ideas
Though as a vulnerable mind and continued victim of distraction my ideas kept on dying during the delivery and it causes a type of depression , if not that intense but some how similar to abortion .
The frame and structure of an idea for an article or a blog or even a small piece of a story, during its very beginning some times and often gets a shock in the form of any wandering thought that always strike at the wrong time and kept and leave me stray and empty like thoughtless for a while and ruins the course of creativity , if any, i have and I expect from the piece to be creative in development process

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Peace or Happiness

There is another word “contentment ” which is generally used in the continuity of speech , specially when we are talking about core human desires and when we ponder upon the sources to get any of the two or  more precisely and philosophically the third one . How you can get peace in the universe […]

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It never gives a break and something or the other keep on motivating one to know , even to know the unseen and untold , The wonder is if it gives you peace of mind or give you an unsatisfactory stateof anxiety as it never ends , the thrist and hungar to learn

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Religion and Marketing

religion-and-marketingBranding through religion :

Brands allover the world like to associate themselves with any event or activity which captures the attention of masses specially of their target audience .The marketing managers look for the opportunity and wait for such happenings so as to get maximum attention for their brand communication and GRP’S  in case of television viewing .In general the major sports events still holds top ranking in terms of the attention of target audiences . However it may varies from society to society and culture to culture .
While talking about this i don’t want to make it a subject of one specific market but the market in general is public and the public demand rules the societies , the problem arises when the events or happening or the celebration of a specific  occasion and the type of celebration becomes controversial and the public opinion divides into different parameters

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FreedomFreedom: Freedom , what a word to talk about, dangerous to think and express about and shocking to imagine its extremes and unforeseen boundaries for the thoughts and actions of human beings .No matter what you are , where you are , who you are the freedom we always think about once or many time in our lives at different ages and on different occasions.In general, the freedom of expression is most popular phrase of modern society and it encircles almost all areas of human interests .It talks about freedom either the lacking of freedom in a particular society or excessive freedom in the other .people write about it ,frustrate about it, think about it , debate about it, even are scared to demand and even are scared to it availability .They even demand the freedom and at the same time are scared to have it , they want it but could not actually comprehend how they will use it , they want to snatch it from those who held their freedom but they don’t know what they will do after having it and what good or bad it may cause to them .Some want the wise among them to decide the limits of of freedom and make it a law of their land , some does not want to observe any limit on their freedom and they want themselves to be master of their own live. Freedom of choice ,freedom to move , freedom to live , freedom to wear, freedom to learn , freedom to express , freedom to believe or not believe, freedom to love , freedom to travel, freedom to debate and contradict with every tradition ,set by their forefathers.

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instinct rules human nature , its a fierce master, some calls instinct  a god, and instinct is of hunger too, of sex too, of shelter too .. instinct is nature and natural  ,,,only those can unslave themselves who reaches to higher level of consciousness..

Maqbool Mirza

time goes on

the time changes ,  every sun is new sun’  its just our eyes to see the new sun  we have this night  and don’t know what the new sun beholding for us  life goes on  time never cares for us to have great morning or not  it passes  so its we only  its you only […]

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its not about …

Its-not-aboutIts not !!! Its not About religion ,not about communism neither about slavery nor about the desire of human beings to become rich overnight so its not about materialism either . Its not about the love that instinctively human beings hold in their hearts for fellow beings !! Which is still a question a hatred or love they hold ! From culture to religion to ethnicity , its anyway is not the question its not about love for the mankind not even closer to the thoughts of Buddha ..its not about the sufferings of mankind for which we might feel unbearable pity, as they say ! Its not about the equality as they can’t be equal even if they want to … Its not about their rights to the basics facilities of life mandatory on the state ,,, its not about the expatriates of third world living like animals tamed and obedient animals to ensure they will have bright futures of siblings back home !!

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I have nothing new

walking through the bridges , high rise sky scrapers , between the roads, listening to loud voices , where all we hear , nothing we listen too. All the many windows and all with blasted glass all we know what inside ,all we knows what goes behind the curtain , nothing new ,nothing unseen,the same […]

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the next station

The-next-stationIt was train , metro they call it,and the computer was announcing the names and the next station is? and it goes on till it reaches to place where people are living with their desires and wishes , with their dreams and passions with the hopes in eyes ,with the love in their souls with the needs of living , some of them thinks the day is the life and the past has gone ,future will come and we ll see what to do , some of them do not think at all they think that thinking makes them sad as in the end its the same sky ,endless thoughts reaches to an ultimate block , whats now ,all dark and some of them loves to live in darkness of time , not the darkness of life ,who likes the darkness of life and who knows about it. the hope is what we all needed and all of us were hopeful that we ll cross the station and reach some where the destination predefined or undefined, predetermined or undetermined

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who owns the city…

People never thought of making cities and they never thought of building cities as of history…. they were quite just looking for shelters… cities are not of people … and people are not of cities…. with their unknowing birth place they just kept on coming and going ,,, thinking themselves as custodians of universe and […]

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The City of Silence …

The weather in this city is unpredictable , may be because of impact of the ruling elite living in this city , a friend of mine told me either its grammatically  incorrect or morally wrong to join these two words “ruling and elite” as per his notion the rulers are not elite , but still all […]

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About that poor musician

But in the next morning he did not remain poor , its all about words after all and a comment made me look at it with a new perspective.Art has nothing to do with economics and it has nothing to do financial desire . Its another subject and the Musician for me that will be […]

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Music for sale

In the castles of emperors , remembering taan saan, his majestic voice could have brought monsoon in the winters,the kings must have appreciated the art of music , either the singing or the instruments playing , kings must be rich , we should not have doubts about it but do we have doubts about the […]

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When Music /Musician is for sale

The tunes are being sold ,words made up of emotions sung on the wires of an instrument sold for a mere need of food and shelter … Sung for the instinctive desire of survival … Sung from the soul for the stomach on musical instruments. His name is an artist a musician we may call […]

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Thinking life,cognitive knowledge and intuition

The rationality says we can trace the cause of each and every event and happening in the world. Every single movement is like a  reaction of a preceding event and the previous event is easily recognized to be positioned as the cause and only cause some times of the happening… We say we can know all […]

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O’ Dervish…

O’ dervish, wake up and dance at dawn! Dance at the eve and in the midnight  O’ dervish Sing the songs of love at every door and in every jungle… Let the world see you dancing O’ dervish, put on the musical bangles of love in your feet… and dance in circles on the tunes […]

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The borderline between sin and pleasure.

The words are the meanings and they remain the most mysterious and important subject in the thoughts of Philosophy. Either within the boundaries of Philosophy or even in the Linguistics, it remains important to get their origin and impact on human minds and society.
Sometimes the words are so deep and so wide in their meanings, that they can even cover a whole horizon of human history. They hold such powerful meanings that can cause lives to live and become the cause of lives to die.

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Translation of a poem : Let’s write a story of us

Lets write a story of us…

You write about the back yard soil
I’ll write about the sunshine and monsoon
A lonely bird…. a deep blue ocean
A shortest moment of love.
Someone awakened in the dream land
Let’s write about the moon light beam
And about the abandoned beloved
The loneliness of the dusk…
 Some drunken lovers in the streets
 Let’s put all the idols of thoughts, in the lands of beauty
 Let’s make a portrait of fragrance
 Let’s touch the colors of early dawn…
Maqbool Mirza

It’s New Year…

It’s New Year time. Is it a new world with some new thoughts? Some new proposals for the mankind from the universe , some new decisions by the leaders of the World for the human race, some new discussions about the approach towards a peaceful healthy life ,some new world order based on the equality […]

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Calmness- Zero Distraction

Life gets its share of joy and happiness  on the basis of contribution made by the individual or a family or a nation .The share is distributed and is scattered else where when ever it is excessive for one individual or a family or a nation .Nature on its own takes such decision and when […]

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Distraction -part 2

Its the new world where the the use of brown papers and ink pen to be used for writing some thing( which may get lost in the junk of wasted material) has been decreased . But there was no other solution in a world of continued digital provision and you can’t make it unavailable for […]

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Distraction- A lot to write about !

Distraction , i have tried to write about it many times but i felt I am distracted .There are reasons to get distracted which are often more important then writing about the distraction .If i start writing the reasons for distraction ,those will be considered by myself as useless reasons but even if they are […]

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The World of Languages

It’s the world of languages; people are recognized on the basis of language they speak. And even sometimes their worth and positioning is acknowledged on the basis of their language .Somehow, the credit goes to the people who speak a certain language .The position it enjoys is on the basis of hard work of the […]

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Beyond the hope ….

There is something beyond the hope that we may consider as a logical Avenue while waiting for the result announced by our fate. If there is  something beyond the human knowledge it does not belongs to basic human faculty.  Anything  beyond hope is not owned by human cognitive senses. So the hope is last resort. […]

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People do not like to see ads

We can wrap it, cover it up, in different packaging , make it up worth watching even few times, but this is for sure , people do not want to see advertisement specially on TV channels and where else they see it .In cinemas , during movies ,it is not very much appreciated to have many commercials and there is usually one single break before the half time. In house entertainment like DVDs does not carry ads of sponsors.

Its only the TV channels rely generally on commercials and it is one of their major source of revenue. TV  viewers on the front side of the screen does not understand the importance and need of sponsors  for the TV channels .Who would not want free entertainment , continuous and non stop .

This is true that people wants to see , what they like to see and love to watch .If we are showing them something they don’t own or something opposite to their choices or something contradictory to their views and ideologies they will switch for sure. How to get them glued , fake it , mesmerize it , fantasize

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Movies and TV channels

TV channels, specially the entertainment channels  depend a lot on film industry for their programs . Some of the programs based on the celebrities interviews and their participation , have established themselves as most highly viewed shows. There is however a lots of advancement in Television Production and TV media is some how playing the […]

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First of all it has been redefined , what we use to call media in the past.We used to get a newspaper in the morning or a tabloid from a bus stop , reading it all the way to our destinations or we switch on the tv to get the latest updates about the happenings […]

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The world has seen many centuries , thousands of them , most of them unrecorded and it seems the time of black and white pictures have been changed and a new era of digitization have changed the whole scenario of human life . The generations of next centuries shall be considering us as media freaks […]

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Cross media promotion

The cross media promotion has been reformed with new dynamics and dimensions,  especially after the advent of electrifying, social and digital media.
Cross media is generally a term used for integrated media solutions.
Whenever, a campaign is launched on multiple media for blanket coverage, i.e., in order to ensure the consumer couldn’t skip the message of the advertiser .in such cases the consumer get caught at one or the other medium.
Consumer, for that matter is not clever enough to hide from the modern communication tools. The modern world has made it easier for the advertiser to get hold of it prospective consumer at some place or at some point of time.
Media, as it was conventionally divided into social ATL and BTL, have now got new categories, digital and social, referred

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Best Urdu and English Newspapers in Pakistan for Advertising

Pakistan , because of its fastest growing rate of literacy is becoming an important market for Print Media industry . Recently in the last few years many international high ranking Newspapers have started printing their local additions for Pakistan in collaboration with the established print media organisations of Pakistan .
Newyork  times / tribune is largely circulated in Pakistan in association with
daily Express in Pakistan, most recently Financial Times have also developed an arrangement of distributing its local version with the largest Newspaper publishing group of Pakistan, which is jang group of publication.
However, if we have to decide in our media plan about the selection of Urdu or English Newspapers , it is quite a task and depends on the target audience of media campaign. In general , the popular mass media in print media industry are Urdu Newspapers and among them the most popular one is Jang , specially for the purpose of classified and display advertising and they claim to have largest circulation .Even the English readers prefer to look for jang ,if they need to see some ads in any specific category .
However, it does not make jang an only popular Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan, daily Express, daily nawa e waqt , khabrian , pakistan and some other are important and these are considered as second tier newspapers in Pakistan.
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It’s economical to advertise on TV Channels in Pakistan

However, with the new channels coming in, on the screens, it has become hard for the media planners to decide about the right channel and right amount of budget to be spent on each channel for a campaign.

People’s meter which is at least providing  viewership data on the basis of its sample size,(let’s not discuss the sample size ) .It is being extensively used by the corporate clients ,multinationals  and structured local companies of Pakistan .Media Logic is the only company which is providing viewership trends in the form of numbers to the clients , advertising agencies and all other companies with stakes in media , may have access to the reports ,generated from people’s meter.

Those reports ,if do not give a clear mathematical  idea , at least it tells you about the trends of the people’s choice , what they have liked watching most

Maqbool Mirza

Top most viewed TV channel in Pakistan

Anyone who would be writing this article and has got some friends in Television Media industry especially in their marketing departments, the author should remain anonymous .There are maximum chances that the article writer would lose some friends in some of the TV channels .Only a decade ago, Television channels were owned by the public sector and there was no such thing as privately owned TV channels. The industry was small and ideas of current affairs and even of entertainment programming were conceived as per the policy guide lines of relevant government departments .The participation of private sector and of the human resource of private sector was almost negligible. That era was not considered as the era of innovation and creativity, the freedom of thought was a mere dream and execution of radical ideas was just wish for the inspiring and experienced directors and producers.

Surprisingly in the last years of the President Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf , whole media landscape of Pakistan changed .It was like a new dawn and screens

Maqbool Mirza

Myth behind the successful TV Dramas in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the entertainment industry is technically not very young. The music of Pakistan along with the rich feature film industry at the time of partition has given strong foothold to the entertainment industry in Pakistan .At that time as many were migrating from their native cities, some precious talent destined them in this territory and has produced some pearls for the entertainment industry.

The music was very rich and it may be considered as the classical period of music in Pakistan .Coming back to Television, Pakistan TV, that is known as PTV  have started it transmission in early 60s and it is still considered  as nursery for Pakistani Drama and television programming .

Some renowned and highly viewed software for PTV are still worth watching, even though some are more then 40 to 50 years old .We have no

Maqbool Mirza

Females’ favorite dramas on TV channels

If you have the experience of shopping along with females , either real or window shopping , you might have an opinion about the hardships they face in choosing the object to buy. Maybe the same hardship is faced by the shopping companion as well. However, after such hardship and a comprehensive analysis of market, we may say that women choose the right object, in most of the cases.
This would be very hard to evaluate which subject of dramas is most popular in Pakistan and majority of females like to watch dramas of same genre or subject matter.

If you meet a TV drama producer, ask him about his selection of script to start a project. The subject that he would say would be more feasible financially and will get him maximum ratings and popularity, would be related to family issues. Some very famous family issues are related to marriages, joint family systems, financial issues faced by single individual and he has to support a

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Advertising during current affairs programs on News channels

If you look around in your social circle, you may not find TV viewers who haven’t seen politicians shouting and accusing each other. This is the daily story in most current affair shows as well.A viewer, sacred individual with eyeballs, the loveliest creature for the program producers, the marketers in the channels, for the channels, for the media planners and for the advertisers as well as source of revenue. The TV viewing for the end consumers of entertainment industry is almost free. You can have grand variety of channels and one can pay a small monthly cable fee to have this luxury of home theatre. The variety of entertainment available in approximately 5 Dollars a month to TV viewers is undoubtedly, unmatched across the globe.
The revenue stream for the channels is only through advertising that it gets from variety of advertisers including public and private sectors. There is no concept of subscription and it is not anticipated at all in the near future.
To have maximum advertising revenues the news channels make sure to design talk shows and execute them in a manner to pull maximum. Interestingly television news channels have become the breeding center for most of the controversies and political rivalries. The more vocal the show is and hotter the debate gets, higher it is shown on viewer ship ratings index .After the reshaping and repositioning of News channel in the second quarter of this year when Geo went through tough times and still not widely visible. The other current affair shows have started getting better rankings on viewership chart.
The media plans are usually designed while keeping in view of target consumers of the product. On the basis of gut feelings and filtered data of people’s meter, generally the targeted consumers is caught” red eyed” watching a program x. We can comment that it is assumed or statistically proven to be known and under such estimation, the program “A” is considered to be watched by maximum numbers of targeted consumers for product “B”.
There was a time and maybe it is still the same situation when an ad of a hair removing cream appears in the most popular current affairs or political talk shows. Without being biased about the political wisdom of our female viewers, watching an ad of hair removing cream in political talk shows gives a deep insight regarding viewer ship habits of Pakistani audience.
We may say that all Pakistani adults, urban and rural, males and females are glued to their screens at 10 pm to watch political bull fighting, which is called, current affairs talk show.The quality of the content within these talk shows and serenity they provide to the minds of the viewers is not the topic here. The most important element is to ensure who is watching which program .If we think that all males and females from all socioeconomic classes love watching political talk shows then spending money during these shows must be giving best ROI. But if not, then we should reconsider our planning strategy.

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author www.maqboolmirza.com

Maqbool Mirza

The best media rates to advertise on TV channels

Not letting your products or services advertise on TV? Well, you are missing a great chance to be in proper competition with your rivals. So now after reading this, if you are looking for some good media rates in your country then one must know the perks of advertising on TV Channels. Some basic principles are to be followed to be a real profit killer for the advertising technique on TV Channels. Gain attention of your client by being prominent in TV channels and make a space in your customer’s grocery trolley! It’s almost a game of few seconds to hold someone’s attention or they are going to change the TV channel they are watching.

It is a common practice and desire of the advertisers, clients in the advertising language, to get best rates for the media campaign on TV channels .This practice is not unique in media industry in other sectors as well, all business communities want to ensure that they are buying the best quality at best price .In case of media marketing industry this term (media buying) has been recognized and established

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Best Investment Opportunities in Pakistan

Pakistan emerged as an independent sovereign state on the 14th of August 1947 and is the sixth-most populous country in the world having a population size of 164 million in 2008-09. Pakistan symbolizes “the land of pure”, the rich Indus valley civilization, the historical excavations of Taxila, Harapa, Mohenjo- Daro speaks volume about the rich cultural heritage.  Pakistan is an emblem of diversity with respect to its diverse culture, climate, languages and geographical terrain. Pakistan’s economy experienced stability in 2009 after a chaotic 2008 as major performance indicators stabilized. Pakistan’s significant role and support in the war against terror had adversely affected the economy in 2008. Nonetheless, in 2009 the local bourses bore witness to the return of foreign investors driven by an improvement in risk perception, structural reforms implemented under the domain of the IMF regime, easing monetary environment and progress to democratic evolution.  Agriculture is the backbone of the country’s

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Unconscious Minds, Psychology and Advertising

Human mind is carrying a unique scanner in its parts for the memories to be recorded there and remain useful for the mind for entire life, the data once recorded is saved in various sections of brain and can be used creatively for all purposes ,from childhood till the old age when the functioning of […]

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Industrial Mobilization Through Advertising

We all want to grow in a  specific and multiple directions of our choice every time , a milkman may want to become the owner of a small dairy and a black smith would might be interested to start a steel re-rolling factory and become an industrialist. The modern industrialist society is capable of creating […]

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