Metaphysics, Happiness and Philosophy

 The metaphysics is absurd or human mind is not much enlightened as yet. In either of the case, the question of first or final or last cause is still the major question of human curiosity .one may say it’s the question of philosophy or it was. Apparently the philosophers have

peace and passion for life

With the passion we move , with the aggression we try to collect the felicities  and amenities for the future unknown and for the life under continues surveillance  of angels . The journey in the end is for nothing but an ultimate joy and peace . Many who run after

Patience to know, Silence to understand

We may born clever and can be considered smart and maybe shrewd and that we get through some unknown genetic composition , beyond our disposition. The question what teaches us love ,wisdom, feelings , consciousness ,benevolence,pity ad selflessness .Some , if not all is learnt from surroundings and willingness to

The story of life goes on ….

It is an unended series of happenings and nothing seems to be conclusive . The flow of ideas and learning for us is unprecedented in this age of world becoming a global village . We now , have lots of forums to express and someone , somewhere is reading us

Other side of the river

Love me or leave me in London. Love me or leave me in London…that’s what I have read on a T-shirt. And love a steaming and uncooked desire stumbling in the veins of human body, taking giant leaps to see across the wall of a destined cage, if there is

Other side of the river

It is not acceptable to many that life is same at the other side of the river. If not everyone but most of them wants to try their luck , not necessarily for financial gains or materialistic pleasures , the curiosity could be for knowledge and spiritual experience . If

New ideas for me to write about

In order to polish and improve my skills to be a writer some day and to deliver some thing memorable to the world , I kept on looking for unique ideas Though as a vulnerable mind and continued victim of distraction my ideas kept on dying during the delivery and

Peace or Happiness

There is another word “contentment ” which is generally used in the continuity of speech , specially when we are talking about core human desires and when we ponder upon the sources to get any of the two or  more precisely and philosophically the third one . How you can


It never gives a break and something or the other keep on motivating one to know , even to know the unseen and untold , The wonder is if it gives you peace of mind or give you an unsatisfactory stateof anxiety as it never ends , the thrist and

Religion and Marketing

Branding through religion : Brands allover the world like to associate themselves with any event or activity which captures the attention of masses specially of their target audience .The marketing managers look for the opportunity and wait for such happenings so as to get maximum attention for their brand communication


Freedom: Freedom , what a word to talk about, dangerous to think and express about and shocking to imagine its extremes and unforeseen boundaries for the thoughts and actions of human beings .No matter what you are , where you are , who you are the freedom we always think


instinct rules human nature , its a fierce master, some calls instinct  a god, and instinct is of hunger too, of sex too, of shelter too .. instinct is nature and natural  ,,,only those can unslave themselves who reaches to higher level of consciousness..

time goes on

the time changes ,  every sun is new sun’  its just our eyes to see the new sun  we have this night  and don’t know what the new sun beholding for us  life goes on  time never cares for us to have great morning or not  it passes  so its

its not about …

Its not !!! Its not About religion ,not about communism neither about slavery nor about the desire of human beings to become rich overnight so its not about materialism either . Its not about the love that instinctively human beings hold in their hearts for fellow beings !! Which is

I have nothing new

walking through the bridges , high rise sky scrapers , between the roads, listening to loud voices , where all we hear , nothing we listen too. All the many windows and all with blasted glass all we know what inside ,all we knows what goes behind the curtain ,

the next station

It was train , metro they call it,and the computer was announcing the names and the next station is? and it goes on till it reaches to place where people are living with their desires and wishes , with their dreams and passions with the hopes in eyes ,with the

who owns the city…

People never thought of making cities and they never thought of building cities as of history…. they were quite just looking for shelters… cities are not of people … and people are not of cities…. with their unknowing birth place they just kept on coming and going ,,, thinking themselves

The City of Silence …

The weather in this city is unpredictable , may be because of impact of the ruling elite living in this city , a friend of mine told me either its grammatically  incorrect or morally wrong to join these two words “ruling and elite” as per his notion the rulers are not

About that poor musician

But in the next morning he did not remain poor , its all about words after all and a comment made me look at it with a new perspective.Art has nothing to do with economics and it has nothing to do financial desire . Its another subject and the Musician

Music for sale

In the castles of emperors , remembering taan saan, his majestic voice could have brought monsoon in the winters,the kings must have appreciated the art of music , either the singing or the instruments playing , kings must be rich , we should not have doubts about it but do

When Music /Musician is for sale

The tunes are being sold ,words made up of emotions sung on the wires of an instrument sold for a mere need of food and shelter … Sung for the instinctive desire of survival … Sung from the soul for the stomach on musical instruments. His name is an artist

O’ Dervish…

O’ dervish, wake up and dance at dawn! Dance at the eve and in the midnight  O’ dervish Sing the songs of love at every door and in every jungle… Let the world see you dancing O’ dervish, put on the musical bangles of love in your feet… and dance

It’s New Year…

It’s New Year time. Is it a new world with some new thoughts? Some new proposals for the mankind from the universe , some new decisions by the leaders of the World for the human race, some new discussions about the approach towards a peaceful healthy life ,some new world

Calmness- Zero Distraction

Life gets its share of joy and happiness  on the basis of contribution made by the individual or a family or a nation .The share is distributed and is scattered else where when ever it is excessive for one individual or a family or a nation .Nature on its own

Distraction -part 2

Its the new world where the the use of brown papers and ink pen to be used for writing some thing( which may get lost in the junk of wasted material) has been decreased . But there was no other solution in a world of continued digital provision and you

The World of Languages

It’s the world of languages; people are recognized on the basis of language they speak. And even sometimes their worth and positioning is acknowledged on the basis of their language .Somehow, the credit goes to the people who speak a certain language .The position it enjoys is on the basis

Beyond the hope ….

There is something beyond the hope that we may consider as a logical Avenue while waiting for the result announced by our fate. If there is  something beyond the human knowledge it does not belongs to basic human faculty.  Anything  beyond hope is not owned by human cognitive senses. So

Movies and TV channels

TV channels, specially the entertainment channels  depend a lot on film industry for their programs . Some of the programs based on the celebrities interviews and their participation , have established themselves as most highly viewed shows. There is however a lots of advancement in Television Production and TV media


The world has seen many centuries , thousands of them , most of them unrecorded and it seems the time of black and white pictures have been changed and a new era of digitization have changed the whole scenario of human life . The generations of next centuries shall be

Cross media promotion

The cross media promotion has been reformed with new dynamics and dimensions,  especially after the advent of electrifying, social and digital media. Cross media is generally a term used for integrated media solutions. Whenever, a campaign is launched on multiple media for blanket coverage, i.e., in order to ensure the consumer