Beyond the hope ….

wpid-2015-11-24-18.54.50.png.pngThere is something beyond the hope that we may consider as a logical Avenue while waiting for the result announced by our fate. If there is  something beyond the human knowledge it does not belongs to basic human faculty.  Anything  beyond hope is not owned by human cognitive senses. So the hope is last resort. So as to say when the hope dies the mind is not capable of giving any rationale understanding of what next.

Now what is left is not left under the jurisdiction of us ,neither in our command but beyond our control .

The state beyond hope is not the state of mind but the state of feelings and those feelings can be rightly called the blind faith on unknown.

There are matters in human life ,where the discretion of human beings is clearly unavailable. Like I hope it will be rain tonight ,a matter beyond our authority and we can only pray or just hope and enjoy sunshine.

There are matters ,related to other human beings, social , financial, economical or political matters .In cases where other human beings or organizations are involved or even communities and countries are involved ,such matters gives less hopes some times comparing with hopes of rain .

In purely subjective matters like about a relationship between two people and hopes to retain or breaking it up are again crucial and involves complicated human psychology.

I was just wondering, if it’s God beyond the hope or hope actually is God ….

People do not like to see ads

We can wrap it, cover it up, in different packaging , make it up worth watching even few times, but this is for sure , people do not want to see advertisement specially on TV channels and where else they see it .In cinemas , during movies ,it is not very much appreciated to have many commercials and there is usually one single break before the half time. In house entertainment like DVDs does not carry ads of sponsors.

Its only the TV channels rely generally on commercials and it is one of their major source of revenue. TV  viewers on the front side of the screen does not understand the importance and need of sponsors  for the TV channels .Who would not want free entertainment , continuous and non stop .

This is true that people wants to see , what they like to see and love to watch .If we are showing them something they don’t own or something opposite to their choices or something contradictory to their views and ideologies they will switch for sure. How to get them glued , fake it , mesmerize it , fantasize

Movies and TV channels

TV channels, specially the entertainment channels  depend a lot on film industry for their programs . Some of the programs based on the celebrities interviews and their participation , have established themselves as most highly viewed shows. There is however a lots of advancement in Television Production and TV media is some how playing the role of nursery for Film Industry , the big screen with all its glamour and gigantic positioning is still exclusive.

Lately the TV series commonly known as seasons are getting high ranking for best in-house entertainment , though the popularity of the seasons and its positioning depends on the presence of even a second film star .

Recently i have managed to see a popular Crime Drama series , Blacklist  with amazing performance of James Todd as Raymond Reddington and his co star Megan boone . Their presence on screen along with high value production makes it worth watching . However,  the TV series the Blacklist and any other depends a lot on film stars for its success.


First of all it has been redefined , what we use to call media in the past.We used to get a newspaper in the morning or a tabloid from a bus stop , reading it all the way to our destinations or we switch on the tv to get the latest updates about the happenings ,which were a lot around the world but there were less happenings known to us at every hour .Not to mention a nostalgia attached to a traditional voice of radio , either its BBC or any other popular one that tells you the stories of worlds far away from you .

Now its hard to skip exposure , every thing is in your hand every moment , are we knowing a lot ,seeking a lot , cant really say if we are learning a lot but we are some how bound to watch and hear the unwanted stuff.

Media is no more the Print and electronic only , can we live without the new media ? 

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author


The world has seen many centuries , thousands of them , most of them unrecorded and it seems the time of black and white pictures have been changed and a new era of digitization have changed the whole scenario of human life . The generations of next centuries shall be considering us as media freaks . Will the world see the time again without Facebook and other social media and digital media addictions .

Author: Maqbool Mirza -about author

Cross media promotion

The cross media promotion has been reformed with new dynamics and dimensions,  especially after the advent of electrifying, social and digital media.
Cross media is generally a term used for integrated media solutions.
Whenever, a campaign is launched on multiple media for blanket coverage, i.e., in order to ensure the consumer couldn’t skip the message of the advertiser .in such cases the consumer get caught at one or the other medium.
Consumer, for that matter is not clever enough to hide from the modern communication tools. The modern world has made it easier for the advertiser to get hold of it prospective consumer at some place or at some point of time.
Media, as it was conventionally divided into social ATL and BTL, have now got new categories, digital and social, referred

Best Urdu and English Newspapers in Pakistan for Advertising

Pakistan , because of its fastest growing rate of literacy is becoming an important market for Print Media industry . Recently in the last few years many international high ranking Newspapers have started printing their local additions for Pakistan in collaboration with the established print media organisations of Pakistan .
Newyork  times / tribune is largely circulated in Pakistan in association with
daily Express in Pakistan, most recently Financial Times have also developed an arrangement of distributing its local version with the largest Newspaper publishing group of Pakistan, which is jang group of publication.
However, if we have to decide in our media plan about the selection of Urdu or English Newspapers , it is quite a task and depends on the target audience of media campaign. In general , the popular mass media in print media industry are Urdu Newspapers and among them the most popular one is Jang , specially for the purpose of classified and display advertising and they claim to have largest circulation .Even the English readers prefer to look for jang ,if they need to see some ads in any specific category .
However, it does not make jang an only popular Urdu language newspaper in Pakistan, daily Express, daily nawa e waqt , khabrian , pakistan and some other are important and these are considered as second tier newspapers in Pakistan.

It’s economical to advertise on TV Channels in Pakistan

However, with the new channels coming in, on the screens, it has become hard for the media planners to decide about the right channel and right amount of budget to be spent on each channel for a campaign.

People’s meter which is at least providing  viewership data on the basis of its sample size,(let’s not discuss the sample size ) .It is being extensively used by the corporate clients ,multinationals  and structured local companies of Pakistan .Media Logic is the only company which is providing viewership trends in the form of numbers to the clients , advertising agencies and all other companies with stakes in media , may have access to the reports ,generated from people’s meter.

Those reports ,if do not give a clear mathematical  idea , at least it tells you about the trends of the people’s choice , what they have liked watching most

Top most viewed TV channel in Pakistan

Anyone who would be writing this article and has got some friends in Television Media industry especially in their marketing departments, the author should remain anonymous .There are maximum chances that the article writer would lose some friends in some of the TV channels .Only a decade ago, Television channels were owned by the public sector and there was no such thing as privately owned TV channels. The industry was small and ideas of current affairs and even of entertainment programming were conceived as per the policy guide lines of relevant government departments .The participation of private sector and of the human resource of private sector was almost negligible. That era was not considered as the era of innovation and creativity, the freedom of thought was a mere dream and execution of radical ideas was just wish for the inspiring and experienced directors and producers.

Surprisingly in the last years of the President Mr. Pervaiz Musharaf , whole media landscape of Pakistan changed .It was like a new dawn and screens

Myth behind the successful TV Dramas in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the entertainment industry is technically not very young. The music of Pakistan along with the rich feature film industry at the time of partition has given strong foothold to the entertainment industry in Pakistan .At that time as many were migrating from their native cities, some precious talent destined them in this territory and has produced some pearls for the entertainment industry.

The music was very rich and it may be considered as the classical period of music in Pakistan .Coming back to Television, Pakistan TV, that is known as PTV  have started it transmission in early 60s and it is still considered  as nursery for Pakistani Drama and television programming .

Some renowned and highly viewed software for PTV are still worth watching, even though some are more then 40 to 50 years old .We have no