The meanings of Life.

When we are discussing the life and are talking about the meanings of life, it is hard to conclude that life is meaningless. We are talking about the reasons to choose the people by the nature to rule the other human beings and those reasons remained unknown and unexplored to us. We are talking about the choice for an individual to get their birth in specific location and particular society but nature gives no choice to us. We are discussing the problem to approach destiny and the powers of mind and role of human efforts to change or improve or dictate his/her own destiny and yet we feel so naïve. While floating in the mysteries of meanings of life, we pass through the darkness and some patches of light far away and it takes ages to know a little.


Time before the time.

Maqbool Ahmed MirzaLets swim and the waters are those, no one can witness and the time was never born and we swam still we were not there.  If we go into the time when we were not created in the wombs of our mothers and the time when our mothers were not created either.  Time that when we were just being conceived in the minds of the God.  Let’s go to the ages when even, we were only an idea to be created. The time, when the galaxies were parked inside the God’s shed.  Let’s we find the beginning of time.  Before we are ended like all before us.

Shall we not see a stagnant universe before it has started to move in all direction? Can we imagine the flow of stars and the first push, the instant cause? We are the centre of all attractions we see and all yet are known to us.

Before the lord of the lords have blown the whistle and have commanded the beginning of the end product.  Lets reach to the ultimate with the power of imagination and find the reality yet not known.

My destiny is my choices.

maqbool ahmed mirzaEvery day I wake  up with the thoughts of making myself a better human being and every day I sleep with same thoughts. I can never say that my destiny is controlled by anyone else, be it a God or my relations. I sleep with my own will and woke up with my own desire. I have command and control of limbs and even I can direct my thoughts and I can think whatever I want to. I’m a pure dictator of my body and my soul. I can talk to myself, I can discuss things with my mind, I can calculate the mathematics of my own

How to understand Time ?

maqbool ahmed mirzaHow to understand the Time?

We are standing at the river bank, watching the flow of water and counting the moments.   The moments are on the move and the moment in seconds, minutes and hours. The simultaneous flow of water along with the flow of time, tells us the nature of time.

Time is the most precious intangible asset of human beings and they do not own it.  As it goes on, never care for the so called owner, who never owns it. The mysterious and oldest phenomenon aging billions of years and living like a young forever. The birth of time in the arms of space or vice verse can be speculated like a fantasy of timeless heavens.

War regulations and the human beings.

maqbool ahmed mirzaThe people, the countries, the tribes, the nations shall always be fighting, no matter what. The temptation and lust for money and power is so high, that even the God cannot stop the wars across the globe. The root cause of wars is inbuilt in the instinct of human and the nature is culprit for that instinctual induction in humans. The instinct is basic and is of survival, safety and power. So, we can stop wars, no matter what. The lectures and sermons of peace in Security Council and on other forums, seems to be a joke with human psychology.

Theory of Evolution

Maqbool Ahmed MirzaTheory of evolution is difficult to explain and the available sources to explore the truth of this hypothesis are based on fossils records and somehow on archaeology and other geological sciences. To explore the connection of other stars and far away galaxies with the earth and with the life on earth and consequently with the theory of evolution, we must reach to other stars and galaxies or at least should be able to collect the samples of its material.

The theory of evolution has mainly confined itself with the evolution of life on earth and it has taken up circumstances and situations of the planet, which were conducive for the beginning and growth of life. The elements of natural selection and struggle

The design of the universe and human beings

Maqbool Ahmed MirzaThe knowledge of the universe and knowledge about everything in our surroundings is getting richer, with every passing day. Human beings are exploring some truth; those are actually the truths and facts but unknown and were hidden under the layers of curiosity. Many have been unearthed and many are in the process of unwinding.

There is however, mystery in every aspect of nature, but a great deal of mysteries has been resolved by the science through the identification of natural laws and formulation of theories according to them. The theory of evolution tells us about the beginning of life and its highest formation is the human being. Similarly other theories, like of gravitation and relativity, tells us about the role

How to know the universe through ideas?

maqbool ahmed mirzaWe live in the world of definitions and meaning, our knowledge about physics, mathematics and other sciences depends upon our understanding about Formulas, equations and definitions of terminologies. If we want to talk about a star or a body and explore its properties, (scientific properties for that matter), we have to know its mass .To talk about mass means, we should know the scientific connotation of this term and unless we know it ,we cannot use the term mass as the subject matter of our thoughts . As defined the mass is defined as follows: In physics, the property of matter that measures its resistance to acceleration. Roughly, the mass of an object is a measure of the number of atoms in it. The basic unit of measurement for mass is the kilogram. The atoms in a body determine it’s mass.

All we know about the Universe

maqbool ahmed mirzaThe more we are getting to know about the universe, more it is telling us about the properties of light. If it is Newtonian physics, it was more about gravity but the landscape to understand the universe have been changed after the relativity theory of Einstein and light was again the major source and focal point to formulate the quantum mechanics or quantum physics. So within the domain of Physics, we may attribute